Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tragedy for the families, and the Legion d'honneur

Today Thursday I watched on lunchtime tv the ceremony for the 10 dead French soldiers, killed last week in Afghanistan. There is criticism that the soldats were too young and inexperienced. The ten soldiers are given the Legion d'Honnour.........A link with a write up here on Wikipedia. It was a very sombre and sad affair, I guess that the very nature of war requires young people who are fit to fight for their country and go where the politicians decide to deploy troops. A picture of where part of the ceremony took place here
It is sad for the families but I guess that when you sign up to fight for your country then this has to be accepted that you may die young. The French word for sad is triste.

I wonder what the National flower of France is? Link for Flower. Here is an Iris which flowered in my French garden this year.

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