Thursday, August 28, 2008

Turn the page

After a few tidy up tasks, we pile into a big red van. A trip to the shops. En route we stop and pull up alongside a tractor we are now blocking the road (but around here it is not a big problem) and my friend chats to a farmer, or should I say shouts. There is a party on Saturday and she is inviting him and his family.

We pull into a supermarket car park and have a good laugh, the van has just stalled, my friend felt around the ignition and at first couldnt find the keys and wondered if the keys were at home. After we stop laughing we enter the store order lots of bread, and fill a trolley with several boxes of sparkly wine to make many glasses of Kir. The staff are very helpful. Onwards to the next shop to buy colourful paper covers for tables. Shop number 3 we fill another 3 shopping trolleys, this is to be a great party. The party thrower chats to a man who is waiting for the till to open he needs an euro!!!! He waits patiently and is very jovial.

The party is to celebrate a new start. nouveau commencement. The French word for laugh is here

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