Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Bong

Everyone is talking about this enormous piece of kit situated under the ground. La machine a Big Bang.....(pronounced BONG). If you watch tv over here and the advert for Cillit Bang comes on you will know what I am talking about its definitely Cillit Bong.

So how come the average person dans la rue is not aware of this humongous piece of costly equipment until the last minute!!!.....It certainly does look a lot like Stargate which was a favorite programme of mine.

I am not really sure that I can approve of all that money being spent on an experiment??.....undecided yes.

It makes me wonder what else is going on that we have no knowledge about either!
Stargate Link here
Today I discovered SteveTheCat.......if you have never seen his blog before click here!
Well now that I am totally spaced out here is Elt The Belt and Rocket Man

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