Monday, September 15, 2008

Chestnut and Memories of a Capital City.

So unable to go to the forest I donned by welly boots and walked around the village taking the wide tracks which run in between the fields champs. I picked up a leaflet the other day in the supermarket, and I read that there is a bad contagious disease in some of the chestnut trees. The banks around the fields are called Bocage. These banks full of trees caused many problems for the American tanks during the war when they tried to move through Normandy. The word for chestnut tree. The disease is some sort of fungus and is red and orange in colour, it is boursouflure. The only cure is to BURN the tree and then burn the remaining stump, and use some fungicidal spray afterwards.

Oddly enough roast chestnuts always remind me of London. Roasted in big black contraptions by the side of the street. I can smell them now the vendors put them into paper bags and they are black and sooty and soooo sweet..(that is the chestnuts and not the vendors!!!!)
I bet the politically correct mob have banned small boys from playing conkers in Great Britain, in case the little darlings hurt themselves.

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