Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Dimanche 7th September Pockets

I awoke at about 3.30am. So today I have been a bit Zombie like! When I cannot get on the PC I love to look at words in a dictionary with a notepad and jot down notes, then I wonder how the words came about. The French word for pocket is poche. So it is not difficult to see how the word poacher may have come into use I can imagine poachers stuffing things in their pockets? Well I think it makes some sense.

It makes me wonder how hard it must have been to live around here in the past when the forest covered the area here and there were no shops as we know them today.

The farming around here is mainly cows and maize with some other arable sowings like winter wheat. Some people don't like the maize because it totally changes the landscape or in fact obliterates it! I am on the fence because I understand that people have to make a living., but I do not approve of GM crops.

Working the fields must have been hard, I believe my Mom worked with horses in the Land Army in England.

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