Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looking on the bright side

Sometimes when the weather closes in and it becomes cold we feel a bit fed up.

Some of the best things that I have are free. Where I live there are some beautiful things to see. And now that the sun is getting less and less, the scenery is more spectacular.

My friend gave me a little book to thumb through here is a snip from a page in the book. When it is cold she loves to be indoors and light the fire.

Mieux en Mieux

Les médias tentent de nous convaincre que rien de bon ni de valuable n'existe plus en ce bas monde. Mais c'est faux. vie ne cesse s'améliorer nous sommes en meilleure santé plus riches, plus libres et mieux informés. L'avenir nous sourit comme comme jamais auparavant. Profittez-en.......

Roughly translated....... based on a page in Le Petit Livre De L'Optimisme by Paul Wilson.

Better and Better
The media try to convince us that nothing good nor of value exists anymore in this low world. But this is false. Life does not cease to improve, generally we are in better health, richer, freer and better informed. The future smiles at us as like never before. Profit.
In the warmer months simple things like wild flowers and butterfly's were there if you looked for them they are free and make you smile too.

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