Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unfinished homework

I didn't learn the poem.. I am suposed to remember it off by heart. oops and it is my class on Thursday morning. Actually I have worked very hard, but yet again so hard I have lost track of what I was suposed to learn.

I have tried to analyse why I learnt the first poem and not this one! This poem is about the river Seine in Paris. I guess this poem just doesn't grab me. I really liked Tombe la Pluie I could hear the raindrops.

I like the word élèves, when I see the little ones going to school I imagine elves although my friend said that they are more like naughty goblins!

When I wandered around Rennes a few weeks back I saw this group of school children some who were not paying attention to the teacher.

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bindu said...

What was this photo exhibit about? Looks interesting.