Thursday, November 27, 2008


Wednesday was a treat, the morning was frosty and misty and then sunny. I enjoy wandering along the hedgerows with my dog. Believe it or not there is always something new to see, I spotted a lot of funghi or mushrooms growing at the base of a tree.

I also saw a new tree stump, the colour was really light and bright and it had lovely shadows on it. The French word for tree stump here.

Today I had planned to have a wander around Fougeres after my French class and go have some fun with my camera. But the weather was so closed in it was almost raining. So I stopped briefly on the way home and took a few pictures, the weather was dire.

I start to go a bit potty if I dont have a wander around the lovely town of Fougeres, I must check the weather forecast.
Here is a great weather word to get your teeth into Brouillard


bindu said...

Great pic of the stacked fungi. And love the misty trees. Sad to see the fresh cut tree stump. It's a crime!

French Fancy said...

That pile of mushrooms look just like little cakes in fluted papers. There's lots of tree stumps around here at the moment - in fact we have two silver birches that our neighbours are amazed we've kept. I think they think the English are a bit mad.

Robyn said...

The misty trees and the fungi photos are beautiful. I wouldn't mind a wander around Fougeres myself.