Sunday, November 23, 2008

Window views

Sunday Dimanche what a day. The weather has been remarkable BAD. There is snow falling in France but here in this part of Brittany we have only had howling wind and lashing rain.

My view on the world has mainly been through the window. I did make a quick visit to our local boulangerie across the square for a loaf of bread and a carton of milk. A carton of milk here is known as a brique. I guess a small carton does look like a brick.

I am looking forward to a walk in the forest soon, the scenery is changing fast as the leaves fly off the trees. In fact a nice frosty walk would be lovely, ah well lets throw another log on the fire and page back through my Flickr photos.
Bread Shop...Boulangerie

Here is a frame on a view in the forest.


Traveller said...

Could be floods or earthquakes!!

Am missing your forest pictures.

The hydrangea was beautiful. :))

bindu said...

Here's another lovely forest photo! I've just posted about your part of the world, Blu. But in comic form. :)

French Fancy said...

Don't you ever take a rubbish photo? Not fair.

Blu said...

I do take plenty of photos and so there are many that I dont use. But even lots of those I hang onto for ages and eventually delete them.