Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chant but dancer?

Last night we sang. 5 Anglais and about 12 French. Up on stage what fun, nothing serious, but we tried hard. The main entertainment was a one man show a French comedian..yikes hard to follow YES. He was funny even if you didn't understand the jokes.

There were lots of very young children up near the stage, I wondered what they made of our efforts as they stared up at us.

Did I enjoy it? yes

We were handed a form asking if we would like to sing again in the future..oui why not. My friend then told me she was also going to attend dancing sessions...well I am not sure about that one.

Where ever you are I hope that you are starting to loosen up and feeling relaxed, maybe playing Christmas type music and having fun.

Here is my new dancing partner, but he is always rooted to the spot.

Here is a picture that was popular on my Flickr in the Autumn I called it sway.

This morning in the forest we heard the most wonderful bird song but couldnt identify the singer. Chant


bindu said...

Your forest photo is lovely, as usual. Your dancing partner is pretty graceful! Have a very merry Christmas, and a great new year.

The Masked Journalist said...

Your blog is nest to mine on the blogspot and I was just being curious. Its a fantastic blog you have here.
Visit my blog sometimes.