Saturday, December 20, 2008

I try to be green however..part 4

7. Do you eat local/organic/vegetarian/forage/grow you own?

It makes sense to eat food grown in France, for one thing it is cheaper. Who wants lorries thundering around any more than they do? I have always tried to support local business when that is possible.

We made several raised beds and they will all be in action this coming summer, I am very fond of French beans, mange tout and courgettes which grow like weeds. Next year a friend who has a lot more space is going to let me grow some potatoes at her place. I am a fair weather gardener so I am not sure what is going on in my potager.

I rarely buy organic it is so expensive.

Vegetarian meals are often eaten here, although after about 20 years of being a vegetarian I now do eat fish so I am not a vegetarian any longer. Forage, no but it is an interesting topic, many people collect the mushrooms in the forest.

A pea in my garden.

When our last water bill came I said to MOH he could save us some money by peeing in the garden just like all the French men do.

Aller faire des courses = to go shopping. The French word for invoice/bill facture. Do not confuse it with the word for postman which sounds the same to me.

The English word invoice has its roots here.


bindu said...

The food choice is such a problem. Organic is so expensive, and after reading about all the stuff they spray on the conventional stuff, and the toxicities, it makes it hard to eat the regular vegetables and fruits too. I wish they would make a law that only organic can be grown. Then the prices would equalize and we can all be healthy. The production system is the problem.

Blu said...

I am lucky that I didnt need to buy any at all for several months in the summer.