Friday, January 2, 2009

Cold and frosty

Yes I am house bound, my hip is hurting like mad and so I cannot get out to photograph. Damn I do so love to take photographs on a frosty morning. So I have indulged myself and started another blog. I know I shouldnt have but it gives me somewhere to dump my music links.

Here is a picture that I took almost a year ago when I first started to take photographs everyday. I quite liked the idea of peeking through the trees. I still like this kind of shot, although my photographs have changed a little. The pond belongs to a house that once was a Mill, it is situated down the lane from our village.

Further on up the hill I saw this beauty.

I think my pictures are different now but these two are special to me, because it was my new hobby. One of my pictures is on a CD cover, and I received a copy of it in the post this week it looks great.

The French word for frost is gel.



Blu, sorry to hear about hip problem, hope you're on the mend soon. Love the photos and I know what you mean about taking photos I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't take photos on a daily basis. This year I'm going to attempt to post one or two each day on my photo blog. If you get time pop over for a look.

Take care. TFx

BTW I've linked to your blog.

French Fancy said...

Blu, what a shame you are in pain. Will it need to be investigated medically or is it something that will pass in a few days? Sorry to be nosey but I hate to think of you suffering and unable to get out. I think of you perpetually striding around the woods and forests with your camera.

congrats on receiving the CD cover - what an achievement.

Blu said...

I dont do much striding these days...ha ha..I just walk fast to catch up because I keep stopping to take pictures. Thanks for the Link Tom Foolery I will pop over and take a peek.

Carol and Chris said...

Sorry to hear that you are in pain...there is nothing worse!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's nothing serious and that you will be back to photographing those beautiful woods in no time!!

Erm...I was browsing through the photo's on your other blog the other day and I got to wondering whether you would have any objection if, once we're back in the UK, I had a go at doing a painting of one or two of them. If you would rather I didn't please say so...I won't be offended in the least but I figured it was worth asking :-)

C x

Blu said...

Chris and Carol, that would be lovely then you could let me see it when you have finished!. Sometimes some of my photos look more like paintigs than photographs if you know what I mean.

Robyn said...

Hope your hip comes right soon, Blu. I love the idea of taking photos everyday. Today I forgot my camera when i went out and of course there were umpteen photo opportunities. It happens every time! Congratulations on the CD cover. Your photos are beautiful.