Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lets party

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

This week we saw the first day of spring......yippee, it has been such a marvelous week weather wise.

This week I am searching for springtime words for my French class. Prof would like us to write about springtime (printemps).

I have been making a start in the garden with the help of a friend, and we are eager to make progress before the weather cools again. It is good to have things to look forward to even if they are only veggies!!

Springtime in the forest

The French word for bloom is floraison.

The French word to develop flower buds is bourgeonner.

Etymology for the word eager.


French Fancy said...

Isn't it lovely everywhere - what a beautiful part of the world we have chosen to live.

LadyFi said...

Lucky you! We still have snow around, but little patches of grass are now appearing everywhere...


Springtime the start of new life :) TFx

Dar said...

Ah, but there's nothing better than eating fresh veggies from your own garden. Soon time for me to start working on mine. :)

Blu said...

It is fabulous in the countryside, FF....yes even in the towns there is a light feel in the air.

LadyF...I was a little sad that the snow missed us, but now I hope that it stays away till the winter.

TF...New life, new start, new hope!

Dar..Umm veggies in the garden are so convenient too!

claire p said...

Oh I just hope this isn't it like it was last year. This weather seems to have brought everyone out into the garden, must try harder!(me that is).

Blu said...

Claire I do remember the early start two years ago.then it rained all bloomin summer....oh it did last summer too in the UK!!!!!!!!

bindu said...

It's dreamy spring time weather here too. We planted veggies yesterday in the backyard. I'll post something about that soon.