Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sunshine foods

Making light of the Diet

Mediterranean Diet, it makes you live longer?

In France they don't seem to force home "the eat foods from warmer climates" so much, although they are obsessed with the contradictions of eating cheese and chocolate and being thin.

It is hard in Brittany in the three grey months post Christmas to keep cheery, we feel flat and deflated, weary and worn out.

Sunny Winters Day

Sunny Backdrop

So here is to warmer days when you leap out of bed pull back the curtains... and see a sunny morning, BTW it is raining here today!

The French word for brighten up is ensoleillé

The French word for a bed warmer is a chaufferette...(no that isn't a small female driver)!


Henry the Dog said...

Those photos are lovely, they make my heart feel all light. We've been lucky here lately. Lots of sun, but I guess we are further south than you are.

LadyFi said...

It's snowing here. Again. I do long for the sun although we have had a good dose of it over the weekend and yesterday...

claire p said...

Beautiful photo's. The sun is shinning here, but we're covered in snow agin!! This is Cornwall!!!

Oh well sunny days are still sunny days I guess.

French Fancy said...

We had a snow blizzard this morning and now there is brilliant sunshine.

I love foods like cucumber, peppers, garlic and onions but I'm unable to eat them - I have an ulcer. It's such a shame because I love the look, smell and taste of all things like this. For some reason however a little bit of garlic doesn't seem to upset me.

Chellebab said...

Hi Blu, lovely photos. I particularly like the second one - it looks almost enchanted.

Blu said...

Light and airy, I wish I was.

Snow is the word of the season, yet hardly see a flake here.

I love snow and sunshine.

Shame about the ulcer FF..xxxx.

I loved dreamy pictures too..enchanted.

bindu said...

What a bright blue sky! It's warm here ... too warm. I dread how hot summer is going to get.