Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There is no smell like home?

On March 9th Lady Fi, unearthed some memories for me. When you were a child which books did you like to read? And then I remembered my love of the English countryside, the fields, banks, hedges, and all that kind of stuff.
But actually now I have come to realise that it isn't the English countryside, it is "The Countryside", France or England, Greece, or...who knows where.

So in answer to where is home?

It is where I can hear birdsong, see the stars in the sky at night away from the bright city lights, view the long tailbacks behind huge farm tractors carrying more smelly stuff, smell cow poo being flung around in the fields,haaaaaaaaa, which your dog then wants to eat!!!

Hey you gotta take the rough with the smooth!!! This lovely silhouette is a field nearby.

February Fields

The French word to jest or tease is blaguer

The French word for laugh is rigoler.

Etymology for the word jest.

PS..I meant most of it!!


Diane said...

I wish I knew where home was. I'm still looking. My fear is that I'll be looking until my last days.

Blu said...

Oh Diane your home is where your heart is ...and you have that lovely daughter!

LadyFi said...

I agree with you about home. I don't like big cities - or even small ones...

Love the silhouette of the trees. Very peaceful.

French Fancy said...

I think our bit of the French countryside is quite different from the UK countryside that I've never really lived in (although I did spend a few years in Winchester when I first met Mr FF).

For example we have no pylons on our skyline at all here and I remember seeing them everywhere in the UK.

bindu said...

I used to read Enid Blyton books when I was young. I must have read almost every book she wrote! She painted beautiful word-pictures of England for me. Have never been to England, but I'm not curious about seeing the cities there. I want to do the coast to coast walk, and feel the countryside!

Blu said...

LadyFi glad you like the picture.

French Fancy is lucky not to have pylons, because many people in France are protesting about the THT lignes.

Bindu..the coast is lovely in Britain.


Blu, what a great image. Are you still in the room ? TFx