Friday, April 3, 2009

A birds tear

Imaginary gardens with real toads in them. ~Marianne Moore's definition of poetry, "Poetry," Collected Poems, 1951

My French class is sadly on another two week break, until after the Easter holidays, so more time for gardening if the weather stays fine. We read another short poem out loud of course.

J'aime les e'tangs, et j'habite
Partout où l'eau se creuse un lit.
Ma fleur, d'un bleu pâle, s'agite
Au moindre vent, au moindre bruit,
Ma coupe d'or est si petite
Qu'une larme d'oiseau l'emplit.

Alphonse de Lamartine

I like the pools, and I live
Everywhere where there is water,I dig a bed.
My flower, a pale blue, trembles,
With the least wind, the least noise,
My gold cup is so small
A tear of a bird fills it up.

To read more about Alphonse click on the link here.

Yesterday afternoon in the garden weeds were dispatched, sadly I cant tell my weeds from my flowers. The forget-me-not grows wild and often where it isn't wanted.

Here is a picture that I took last year, the flowers grow wild near the stream in the village, I thought that they would look good on a cake. They were so tiny they were very difficult to photograph.

Cake Decorations

Are you caught up in the gardening frenzy?

PS. We have toads in the garden here.

The French word for wild is sauvage...fleur sauvage

The French word for sadly is malheureusement


Lee said...

Perhaps I just need to learn to love my weeds!

LadyFi said...

Garden frenzy? We still have frost in the ground...

Love the last two lines of the poem.

French Fancy said...

I understood all except for creuse and larme, which I have duly noted in a little book of new words I must try and remember. Ta for that.

I'm being very lazy about all the weeds I need to eliminate.

Blogdog said...

You shouldn't have asked that question, I have spent so much time in the garden over the past few days that the home is filty, the kids unfed and the dog neglected!! No, not really, but Spring suddenly arrived this week and if you don't take advantage of the weather in this country, you'll regret it. But amazingly, we have had a whole week of lovely sunshine. I cleaned the pond out yesterday (with help I'll admit) while Clive was recovering - he just sadly looked on - still not the best today either.

However, I have a totally cleaned out pond, found a frog, discovered the fish weren't all dead and now I'm trying not to go to the garden centre and spend more money so reading blogs is curtailing my expenditure for a few minutes at least!

The Accidental Fan said...

Oh I need to garden soon, it is getting out of control already!


Just finished work for Easter, I'm so looking forward to getting out in the garden :) TFx

Blu said...

Lee ~I do love many weeds..I call them flowers.

LadyFi ~I love the last two lines of the poem too!

French Fancy ~my books of new words grow and grow.

BlogDog~ Blogging saves money thats a new one!

TAF ~ you cant work indoors and weed.

TF~ have some time in the garden its good for the mind!

bindu said...

I would love to grow weeds in my lawn. They are flowers too (though I know they take over and kill everything else), but a field full of dandelions looks so pretty!