Thursday, April 9, 2009

Secret Roses

Silence is the true friend that never betrays. ~Confucius

A friend was recently talking about a place that was peaceful and so I started to think about silence, even now although I cannot hear any traffic outside, noises can be heard inside the house. The motor on the fridge just kicked in.

Did you know that Harpo Marx was named after the Greek God of silence Harpocrates, well I didn't. But I do now!

Apparently the French have an expression D'ecouvrir le pot aux roses, to discover the pot of roses, which means a secret! Can you keep a secret when you have had a few too many? The term sub rosa, means that you should keep what you hear a secret.

Link to wikipedia Harpocrates.

Link to wikipedia Sub rosa

Here is a picture that I took last summer in Fougeres, and BTW the price of the roses hasn't gone up yet!

Secret Roses

I hope that you don't have to keep any secrets this weekend!
PS..Buy yourself some golden roses for Easter.

The French word for peaceful is tranquille

The French word to tell is raconter....en raconter = to tell tales.

Etymology for the word private.


French Fancy said...

Confucius was a very wise man - and yours is a very wise blog, Blu.

Blu said...

Wise or rambling thoughts? LOL

LadyFi said...

Silence is a rare commodity in this day and age.

Have a great Easter!

claire p said...

Golden roses for easter, lovely. And I've learnt something else, as always.

bindu said...

Silence is good ... not total silence, but with nature's sounds in it. Just without human or electronic sounds. Such pretty roses!

Robyn said...

Gorgeous roses! Happy Easter to you Blu!

John said...

One of the wonderful things about living in rural France is being able to hear all of the sounds that are usually drowned by traffic etc........the birdsong all day ..the gentle rustling of leaves.