Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wake up Call

There is no hope for a civilization which starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock. ~Author Unknown

We have no idea what the future holds. Everyone from time to time gets a sudden shock or an unpleaseant event happens that stops you in your tracks. It is a kind of wake up call, it can be an illness or worse a death, maybe a personal financial crises. But when you do finally pull through to the other side, you can really appreciate some of the small pleasures that life brings.
I was delighted to see that Braja had popped in to my blog and left a message, she recently was involved in a serious car accident.
Part of my homework for French class are words which end in the sound O, for example oiseau (bird), velo (bike). I decided to get carried away and compile three pages of O's.

A symbol of France is of course the cockerel, noisy little alarm clocks!.....did you know that cock a doodle doo in French is cocorico. My picture today is a zodiac on a wall in Rennes, with a cockerel looking out across the square.


I hope that you find something to enjoy today even if it is only the smell of fresh coffee, or the sound of a bird's song.

The French word for sound effects is sono.

The French word for a small bell is grelot.


Jude said...

Is that reflected on the wall?

French Fancy said...

Our French teacher makes us repeat all these endings over and over again - because oiseau is a slightly twisted vowel sound when compared to - say - velo. We sit chanting and laughing and then admit that our mouths can't twist those vowels the way they are meant to sound.

claire p said...

Life can certainly give you a slap round the face sometimes (or all the time). Right now it's the small thing that are keeping me sane. And I agree about the alarm clock, hateful things. Back to them on Monday when school goes back though, ho hum.

♥ Braja said...

It was nice to see your blog and read your posts,'re right, life serves up some mysteries sometimes :) I hope we stay in touch xxx

LadyFi said...

What a gorgeous picture!

Blu said...

Jude ~ The lines are carved into the stone wall, athough there are shadows there too.

French fancy ~ I love the word oiseau.

Claire ~ the small things are so important to me too!

Braja ~ thanks for visiting again. Lets stay in touch.

LadyFi ~ Thanks I like that picture a lot.


Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, what a nice post :O Blu. TFx

bindu said...

That is an interesting wall! And I really like that quote coz I *hate* alarm clocks!

John said...

We enjoyed a great evening at Francette's as her guests.....along with 70 others.

Robyn said...

The smell of fresh coffee always gives me a lift.....and new mown grass. I experienced both today.