Friday, May 8, 2009


I'd rather sit down and write a letter than call someone up. I hate the telephone. ~Henry Miller

The temperature is so pleasant now, well most of the time, that I decided to turf out the wee room which is really very, very, small and only suitable as a dinky office space. I have been sorting through papers, books, and general toot. Only a few weeks ago it was too cold to spend longer than 5 minutes looking for some paperwork. So I am now set up in my summer office. Needless to say time has flown by as I battled with shoe boxes full of papers, dust, and cobwebs..

I haven't even taken any photographs since I have a doggy guest staying and have been a bit occupied so hopefully next week I may venture out and take a few pics. I do have a view of sorts from the wee PC room, I can see across the road and up through fields towards a big water tower. Horizontally the view is slashed by various wires to these old stone houses, not pretty but pretty essential.

Just a reminder of how cold it got upstairs in January, a picture of frost on the inside of the bedroom window.

Cold Blue Room
So if it was a choice between communication via telephone or via your PC which would you choose? My choice would be the ordinateur (PC).

The word Dinky in one of my favorite English Dictionaries.

The French word for slashed is entaillé


LadyFi said...

That is a gorgeous photo! Frost is so beautiful!

And you let dodgy guests visit? How kind of you!

Blu said...

Ha ha...not as dodgy as you people!

claire p said...

That picture is so lovely!

I'd go for PC over phone. I'll talk on the phone if I have to, but prefer emails.

Clive said...

That frost makes a fantastic photo!

Lucky you with warmer weather - we had hailstones here this morning!!


I prefer face-to-face, telephone just wins over the PC for me.

Great image :) TFx

Dar said...

Either phone of email. Phone is faster and you get to hear the smiles in their voice. With email you can sit back and ponder your thoughts and be as precise as you can be with your communication. I guess it just depends on the type of connection I'm wanting to make. Most of the time though I don't have the choice.

Dinky is good word. :)

French Fancy said...

When I was young I had to be prised off the phone and now I seldom use it - hate the thing (despite my phone call to you that time :)

Happy times in your summer office

Dave Jones said...

I absolutely love the photo. wonderful.

regards Dave

Carol and Chris said...

Beautiful photo Blu you talented lady you!!

I think for me it would need to be the phone....I'm not a very good writer and my spelling is awful so the phone wins every time :-)

C x

bindu said...

That's such a cool picture! Communications ... now we have kids growing up on texting and facebook. I remember when I was a teenager in India, with friends scattered around the country, and a pen pal in far-away Sweden. The postman's arrival was such an exciting event. I miss those simple days. But there are some communications that I prefer doing by email now!