Monday, June 1, 2009

Lets hope they are a bit deaf.

It was his nature to blossom into song, as it is a tree's to leaf itself in April. ~Alexander Smith

Every Thursday evening a small group of French and a few English will meet up at our local Maison du Canton. It is not the town hall but more of a community centre. Ours is a beautiful stone building and this is where we will practice singing every week.

The first song which we attempted to sing is fairly ancient, it is aptly named Viens Chanter Avec Nous, I think it may have been written in 1640 something! I have never done this kind of thing on a regular basis before but I felt it might be good for my French, who am I kidding?

The man trying to turn us into a choir is quite a character but I cannot really understand what the heck he is on about, I just keep smiling at him so he probably thinks that I am half mad.

We then intend to go and sing at the local Maison de Retraite's (old peoples homes), and make them miserable! Lets hope not eh....

What is a Canton?

Garden plots at the Maison du Canton

Beautiful flowers and Trees

Hope that you are all keeping well and not working too hard, I have been busy with a paint brush and so I am covered in blue paint. Its nice and warm here but not too warm for the big woofer in the forest.

Big Woofer on a forest track
The French word for have a try at or attempt is essayer

The French for half mad is demi fou

Etymolgy for the word harmony.


Clive said...

Good luck with the singing and the painting. Looks like someone enjoyed his walk!

LadyFi said...

Big Woofer is adorable. Good luck with the singing!

French Fancy said...

What a great idea and I applaud you heartily - as I am sure all those gens anciennes will as well (maybe it's not gens, I dunno)

Lovely dog

Carol and Chris said...

I'm very impressed....joining a choir is not an easy thing to do at the best of times never mind singing in another language!! Good on you hon!!

Awwww, Big Woofer is beautiful!!

C x

Anonymous said...

Great thing to do Blu.......warble happily!SO Thursday is an all French day now.........zut alors! :))

claire p said...

Ohh singing! Not my strong point it has to be said. But it sounds very exciting, you are brave!