Thursday, August 13, 2009

Worlds End

Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration. ~Lou Erickson

I went to the end of the world and came back, well actually it was a two night stay over at a friends home in Finistere, the name in Latin means the end of the world. Brittany is called Breizh in the Breton language and Finistere is Penn-ar-Bed (The head of the world).

The landscape is very different over there, in fact at times it is difficult to see any landscape at all since it is obscured by thousands of trees, miles and miles of forest, I guess it makes a change from miles of maize fields.

The garden has several ponds some are very colourful.

A splash of colour

The garden has many large ornamental plants but also is home to many small bright summer flowers.

Sunshine bright

On the Sunday afternoon a BBQ was lit and people arrived for a pleasant and relaxing time in the lovely garden.

Some people met for the first time and sat around in the sunshine, others played in the shade by the water.

Hours of fun with New Friends

The French ~ To go and relax is se détendre
& To take to the shade is ombragé


The Accidental Fan said...

A adore "A splash of colour"

Carol said...

I'm with TAF...that is one gorgeous picture!!

C x

Blu said...

Many thanks TAF & Carol, I kinda like that one too. x

Clive said...

Great photos - you can feel the sunlight and happiness in them!

bindu said...

The picture of the kids and the dog near the stream is so summery! I also like that saying at the beginning of your post. Good one!

French Fancy said...

Isn't it lovely exploring Brittany - there are still lots of places we've meant to get to but not quite managed it. There is a kind of Bretagne torpor which means you want to do things but laziness takes over and another day is whiled away daydreaming on the balcony

claire p said...

it all looks lovely xx

LadyFi said...

Sounds very relaxing! That last picture is lovely!

ArtPropelled said...

Nothing like a pond to keep the kids entertained. Even now the big kid in me gravitates towards a pond. Love "a splash of colour" too.

Dave Jones said...

What a wonderful post, I love the picture of the kids by the stream with the dog, fabulous and evoking memories of a wonderful childhood.

regards Dave


Brittany is indeed a beautiful part of the world I've just returned back from holiday from the very place. I'll return :) TFx