Monday, September 21, 2009

Finding your own seashore

Voyage upon life's sea. To yourself be true, And whatever your lot may be, Paddle your own canoe" Sarah Bolton.

Last week we were away for a few days, we had travelled south to the Vendee, no luxury holiday, however we stayed at a delightful campsite, La Garangeoire.

The Vendee is very flat and in parts reminds me of Lincolnshire in the UK. The small houses, often single story have terracotta tiles, and are white washed. Not at all like the grey slate and twinkling granite stones of Brittany. It felt like we were much further south, even the maize, in the fields was burnished a deep rich gold colour.

Choosing to go out of season meant that we did not stay by the sea, however the campsite was really lovely surrounded by old oak trees, and you can wander down to a lake. But everyday we ventured to the coast.

I am now enjoying the memories by loading photographs onto Flickr and enjoying the feel of the coast again. The weather as often is the case in September was mostly kind but not hot so the dog was happy too.

The coastal resorts are a mix of charm, history, modern and just plain ugly. There are small strips of pine forest alongside some parts of the coast too. Apart from a trip down to la Rochelle in Charente Maritime I began to wonder if this coast had something special for us.

Finally on our last day we found Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-vie, we wandered around this lovely town for a couple of hours, I now look forward to another visit to the Vendée.

~ Coastal Memories ~

Beach necklace ~ collier ~

Old anchor ~
ancre ~

Beach huts ~ cabine de plage

Lighthouse ~ Phare ~

So where is your favorite coastal resort?

A French word to fill in gaps is remblaie

A French word to wander is déambuler


French Fancy said...

Those beautiful shades of blue with the cabins and the sky - this could only be your blog.

So many Bretons holiday in the Vendee region and we've never been. I'm going to put it on our future plans list.

It's good to have you back here


Carol said...

That sounds like a great break away!! I love camping...not done it in years!!

My favourite coastal place has to be Portmeirion in North Wales (where The Prisoner was filmed). I absolutely loved's a completely bonkers place...right up my street :-)

C x

LadyFi said...

I love the azure blue of those beach huts!

bindu said...

Sounds lovely. I like the depth in that blue photo. We seem to always head to the mountains instead of the sea side on vacations ... but I loved Acadia national park in Maine, where there are fantastic hikes on flats and cliffs by the sea.


Great images, glad you had a great time :) I love the coastline on a stormy day. TFx

♥ Braja said...

I also loved the shades of blue, and the whitewashed houses with terracotta tiles sounds divine....

Ken Devine said...

Abersoch from memory in 1977 has to be my favourite because I didn't expect white sand and a week hotter than anywhere in Europe. It was also our very first holiday as a married couple.

2nd best from about six years ago in the Vendee. Can't quite remember the name...walked through a wood leading to the beach...very hot! I think it sounded like St Jean de Mont or something like that.

I like the beach huts too.

claire p said...

As always the photo's are beautiful. I really must take Jamie to France. I'd love to see all these places for real.

Kitty said...

Wow... your photos have me just itching to set up my easel and paint! Completely just intoxicatingly GORGEOUS!
I love the sea, and growing up in Southern California meant we spent summer holidays at the beach. Each and every summer, when I was small, my parents would take out the same apartment in the same hotel in Laguna Beach for one week and we would see the Laguna Beach Art Show and the 'Pageant of the Masters' (and later, the Sawdust Festival as well) every year.
Right before I left California for good, in 1994, I travelled up to Laguna Beach from San Diego and spent the day wandering around the village. It had (naturally) all changed and I felt a tinge of sadness, until I went down to the beach, and clambered over the rocks to my sister's and my favourite tide pool. It was just as I left it, 30-40 years earlier. Mussels, sea anemone, starfish, sand dollars and tiny crabs scuttling about in the clear water. And I sat there, very happy on the rocks, being covered with salty sea spray until the tide threatened me. Then, completely refreshed, I walked back to my car, and drove back down south.
You can't go home, but sometimes you can visit. One day, I'll go back, and take my own children to play there. :)