Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ordinary Moments

There are no ordinary moments ~ Dan Millman

Recently I have been doing ordinary things, like up to my eyes in paperwork, constantly chasing fluffy tumbleweed (dog hair) with a vacuum cleaner and just getting on with the mundane. However when I was walking around the village with the dog I realised that sometimes an ordinary moment can light up in front of your eyes.

Morning Beauty

I hope that you see something special today during your ordinary life.

Buried in paperwork is ~"crouler sous la paperasse"

For the mundane the French can use banal.


Ken Devine said...

Thanks Blu, I'll try harder today. Whenever I manage to squeeze more pleasure from the mundane I feel on top of the world.

Carol said...

At the moment I have the dreaded lurgy so am sitting in my friend Tom's flat wrapped up in a duvet cause I can't work out how to turn the heating on!!

His cat is lying in a little triangle of sunshine and her ginger fur looks like sparkly gold....thank you for cheering me up today (I'm feeling really crapy!!)

C x

French Fancy said...

The pleasure in the everyday - in our corner of the world (yours and mine) this is a great time of year, isn't it. As for fluffy dust - our dogs don't shed and I still get all this miscellaneous hairy ball type substance.

Clive said...

Very important to find the special things in the most ordinary of everyday things.

Thanks Blu and thanks very much for your recent comments. Much appreciated.

LadyFi said...

You're so right, because when it comes down to it, our life is made up of these ordinary moments - and if we can see the magical in them, then our life is so much richer.

John said...

I look forward to reading your blog and looking at your wonderful photos.


A heard of horses reside in a field close to where I live, yeterday early morning (misty) they were galloping around the field chasing each other. A magical moment. Alas, no camera (falt batteries) to capture the scene on film :) TFx

ArtPropelled said...

Morning Beauty is stunning. Thats the time of day I love to walk my dog. It just seems to get the day off to a positive start.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Moments are what you make them. Everything is miraculous if you permit it to be, really.

♥ Braja said...

Stunning....I love the treasures in the ordinary.....

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Cogitator said...

I love finding pleasure in the mundane.

My eyes work and my ears too, so I find it's more about my own attitude than anything else.

Today is windy and cold, but the sun is so bright. I am off to work ing the garden.

Maybe I'll take some mundane pics, and post them :)