Saturday, December 19, 2009

Granit Town

"Buildings, too are the children of Earth and Sun" ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

On Sunday we are meeting up with a few friends at our nearest town, locally it is known as Granit town. We will be treated to a special Christmas Sunday market (30 stalls) that's big for Louvigne du Desert, and the entertainment will be some Breton dancers.

On the subject of Granite and stone, Brittany is well known for its old houses built of stone, with dark slate roofs. I am a bit of an anorak when it comes to looking at buildings, so I am glad that there is plenty to admire on my doorstep so to speak.

I love the details above the windows here, in Fougeres.

Love this house, perfect proportions.
Dolls House

Huge granit blocks around the doorways.
Blu's Door
PS. I do like modern too.

PPS. What is your favorite building?

The French word for slate is ardoise.

The French word for window or door frame is embrasure


ArtPropelled said...

The blue door and geraniums makes me feel happy. I've been browsing through your paintings in amazement, Blu. What a joy!

Blu said...

ArtPropelled it was nice to see that you had made a visit to my Flickr, many thanks. x

Ken Devine said...

Ah, so that's where you have your paintings...I'll take a peek.
I would expect nothing other than a Blu door!

Enjoy the Sunday markets and dancing...hopefully we'll see a few pictures.

Blu said...

Ken Flickr is full of art and art groups!

Rosalyn said...

Love your photos Blu

Blu said...

Thanks Rosalyn...

French Fancy said...

I've admired the photo of your door and pots before - and I'll do it again because it is so charming.

As for the tops of the windows - I'm always looking up at the tops of buildings when I'm wandering around. Lots of hidden gems to be found


LadyFi said...

Wow - your bright blue doors surrounded by all that old stone are just fabulous!

Blu said...

Thank you French Fancy, I love the dig stones that dress the doorway, thanks LadyFi my door probably needs a good wipe down this week!

Blu said...

BIG stones..oh how I hate my Dell Inspiron with Vista!..damn thing jumps around all over the place.