Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank you

"I've caught this magical landscape and it's the enchantment of it that I'm so keen to render. Of course lots of people will protest that it's quite unreal, but that's just too bad." ~ Claude Monet

I was lucky to be featured by Total Art Soul, just like on Flickr you need to join in and if you do it is possible to get to know creative people from all over the world! From time to time I add an image to the online gallery, and try and contribute to the forum. It is interesting to see which images Cathy the administrator chose to post in my feature page. So thank you Cathy for putting my art in the spotlight! Link HERE.

More about Monet.

Oscar-Claude Monet was born on 14th November 1840 in Paris. In 1845, Monets family moved to Saint-Adresse, near Le Havre. Claude was educated at La Havre’s secondary school.
Around 1856 or 1857, Monet began taking pastel and oil painting lessons from Eugene Boudin who worked primarily outdoors, he encouraged Monet to do the same. Monet later said, “Suddenly the veil was torn away... My destiny as a painter opened out to me.”

Lillies Adrift on Monet's pond

Monet's beautiful bridge

A colourful watercolour scene at Giverny

I also have to thank Claude Monet, because something strange happened to me when I went to Giverny, he gave me permission to say I am a painter too!

To be continued.

To make something happen we could use the mot réaliser
To tear off an object we could use arracher


LadyFi said...

I love hearing about Monet - and your voyage as an artist too. Such fabulously vibrant photos and lovely painting!

KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Blue, these images are just beautiful.
I love how you've captured the essence of Monet, but with your own distinct style.
And congrats on being featured! Very much enjoying watching your journey with art. Cheers, K