Friday, August 20, 2010

F is for

Today I discovered a new F word which sounds rather nice, floréal, which was the eighth month in the French Republican calendar, (used for about twelve years). Oh the eighth month was not in the summer,they had ten day weeks and each day had only 10 hours, of course!

Link to wikipedia here. Amazing, no Saints days either!

To celebrate Friday here is an image from my Flickr Folder (Made a favorite), yes and excuse my English and American/French spelling of the f word!

With all the rain that has been falling I must be missing out on the funghi in the forest!

Whatever you are doing have a fab Friday.


Carol said...

That picture is utterly fab and how interesting about the 10 hour days...that would be really weird!!

C x

Anonymous said...

A ten hour day... when did they sleep?

Lovely shot - very autumnal!

mixedabilityME said...

Love the shrooms!

ArtPropelled said...

Floreal .... and I thought it would mean floral distillation or essence for perfume making..... or something along those lines.


Great shot, Blu :)

Blu said...

Thank you all my Blogging friends.

Fire Byrd said...

Oooh isn't it lovely finding new blogs, a happenchance (love that word!)
If you want to see where Carol and I put some of our pics as well as our personal blogs then check out, cause we're open for anyone else who wants to put their pics there.

French Fancy said...

Hello again Brittany Blu. Another lovely picture and isn't it fascinating how the revolutionaries named and numbered everything so imaginatively. It was one of the best parts of the OU course I did a couple of courses ago - the Revolution and its aftermath.