Friday, September 17, 2010


Flickr Favourites Friday.

I dipped into my made a favourite folder and found this lovely image of a girl posed upon a creature. The photograph was taken in the Vendee in 2009 where I saw a beautiful merry-go-round, (in French manége). The top was painted in these lovely panels showing marvelous girls and beasts.


So using the letter P as my French link I discovered that Coca Cola created by Dr. John Stith Pemberton originally was a drink called French Wine of Coca, which contained French Bordeaux wine, coca leaves, and caffeine (from the kola nut).

Pemberton (1830-1888) was an American pharmacist, soldier, and inventor.

When Atlanta banned alcohol consumption in 1885, Pemberton needed to change the formula of his French Wine of Coca, removing French wine. He added sugar, citric acid and essential oils of various fruits, and Coca-Cola was created.

Pemberton became partners with Frank Robinson and David Roe, but the partners soon began to quarrel and Pemberton sold his interest in Coca-Cola.

Some P Words

Panard is slang for foot

Paluche is slang for hand


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful painting! Gorgeous! And the original coke drink sounds as if it packed a punch!

French Fancy... said...

So it was all down to Pemberton was it - those coke adverts that I enjoy so much.

I love that painting.

Ken Devine said...

Hi Blu
I sat next to a rather large young lady on a bench just outside Morrisons as I waited for Bev to come through the checkout. She had a large bottle of coke which was emptied very quickly. All the time she was guzzling I was thinking of this post and trying to remember his name (Pemberton).
I personally haven't had a drink of the stuff since my brother cleaned pennies soaked in it overnight. He also became addicted to it in 1970. I liked the taste but imagined what it was doing to my stomach if it did that to pennies.

Tom Foolery said...

Very intetesting info regarding Pemberton. Thanks :) TFX

Blu said...

Thanks for the comments, and yes I have used coke to clean up metal too!