Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ordinary folk ~

~ I think that the recent liberation of the Chilean miners has been an event that tugged at hearts around the world.
Testing for gas ~

MOH's father spent his working life underground mining for coal. A tribute was erected on the top of what was spoils from a mine, this is now the highest point in Nottinghamshire, sadly this tribute, a miner and his lamp has been vandalised, the miner has now lost his lamp, what a shame.
I hate enclosed spaces and therefore could never cope with what these men have lived with day in day out. Bravo to the miners.

Photographs taken in Nottinghamshire, UK. by Blu


Tom Foolery said...

Yes indeed, their freedom made me shed a tear ot two :) TFx

ladyfi said...

My grandfather was a miner in Nottinghamshire, so those photos are very appropriate.

Hurray for the freedom of the miners!

Ken Devine said...

My father in law was a miner in Nottinghamshire too.My claim to fame was to sing to Authur Scargill when he came for a meal at Shepherds restaurant at the height of his involvement with the strike. We were the resident duo.
I can't believe they haven't replaced the lamp. It could easily be welded securely.

mixedabilityME said...

My grandfather was a miner in Durham-special people.

John said...

My father also spent his working life(50 years) underground in Northumberland....very special people.

Pearl said...

It's a difficult and thankless job, and I'm grateful that it is not a job option in Minneapolis.