Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tombe la pluie~

~Walking through puddles is my favourite metaphor for life ~ Jessi Lane Adams

~ It has been raining rather a lot recently, is it caused by the weekly rehearsals singing strange French songs???... maybe, we have a "singout" in a couple of weeks time, I may have to put cheese in my ears.

It has been raining so much big woofer had to stay indoors some of the time. When the big woofer is not outside all of the daylight hours she gets rather bored!

Life is dull!

The French for puddle is flaque
The French for splash is plouf
Here is a French word for bored, ennuyer


Ken Devine said...

As haven't finished tiling my roof not far from you, I guess it'll be flooded by now. I'm coming over again in November to get it sorted for winter...lets hope the rain is gone by then. Can I ask you to refrain from singing for that period of time Blu?

French Fancy... said...

It's interesting that 'ennui' is used in English too. I love it when the two languages combine like this.

Anonymous said...

Poor big woofer! Mine loves the rain.

Blu said...