Thursday, November 11, 2010


French tv is currently showing many programme's about General de Gaule, it is 40 years since his death, and today the 11th November is of course remembrance day.

Every French town has a memorial, the names of the soldiers engraved into granite stones, the dates shown mainly from the 1st world war.

Some Memorials

Bazouges la perouse

Saint Georges de Reintembault

Other memorials are for the people who resisted the Nazis, in WWII


Also the many civilians who died during the allies bombings.

The Americans dropped leaflets warning the people of Fougeres that the town was to be bombed, sadly the leaflets all fell in the countryside, and so many townsfolk perished.


Today we stood in the rain at 11 am and watched the parade in a nearby town. The parade included the musicians from the local band, the Firemen/women, a group of old people wearing their medals on their civilian clothes, about six men in full uniform. They headed quickly down the road to a nearby hall, the weather was dreadful. We retreated to a favourite bar for a swift one!

Link to wikipedia about General Charles de Gaulle HERE.

Some French words
Tristesse means sadness,
Guerre means war,
Souvenir means remembrance, memory,
Paix, means peace.


ladyfi said...

So many perished - and still do... Makes me sad to think of the futility of it all...

Lovely photos.

montyandrosie said...

So sad. Such a waste. It's good to see visual reminders of it as well, though - thanks for pics.