Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Going around in circles

A lie can be halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on. ~ James Callaghan

I have been watching off and on the TOUR DE FRANCE, this year 2012, it runs from  Saturday June 30th to Sunday July 22th 2012.  The main group of riders is called a Peloton, which is where we get the English word platoon from, a group of military men.
In French peloton can mean, ball, squad, or pack.

The photograph below was taken at La  Guimorais, 35350 nr Saint-Coulomb, in Bretagne, France I felt that the horizon looked like the world is round.

Some people still believe that the earth is indeed flat and a Flat Earth Society exists! Link to wikipedia HERE. 

My very best wishes to you.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

I was once a paid up member of the Flat Earth Society, just for the pure devilment of it!

mixedabilityME said...

Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........I slipped.

Carol said...

Love that horizon!!

C x

Ken Devine said...

Great photo! The TDF was pretty special this year...couldn't stop watching it. I can't stop watching the Olympics, either...I'm so weak :)