Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A day at home and a fight with the PC

Lots of pictures on the television showing the fireworks for yesterdays fete, nothing happened here in our small village. A lovely sunny start which was not forecast, however not long after a walk in the forest the clouds closed in and nothing remained except grey cloud cover.

A day spent cleaning and gardening. I try to reuse as much water as I possibly can, I think that most houses in France are on a water meter, so I try to make it go as far as possible.
Spent some time in the veg garden I am trying to transplant my young broccoli plants. Spent the rest of the afternoon swearing at the PC for various reasons. Managed to locate some software which enables you to type French accents on a letter with a UK keyboard. Normally this isnt an issue but I was trying to edit MOH's CV so that does need to look right. I cursed Flickr because the system appears to be having some kind of breakdown and refuses to load my pictures. PC's eh dont you just love em!

The picture at the top was taken this morning in the forest and the tree had the most enormous spider webs.

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