Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Raining and shopping

Raining this morning and so I decide to give walking the dog a miss. The Internet forecast that I tend to use where you enter in your postal code hadn’t given out rain, but the rain was here and there was continuous drizzle. So after reading my favourite Blogs and checking out the emails I spend the morning doing chores like ironing and cleaning out the shower. I have a friend coming to stay so I try and make an extra special effort, this house is old and dusty and two seconds after you have cleaned it down falls the dust from the floor above.

During lunchtime whilst watching the news on TF1 I decide to drive into Fougeres and look for a birthday present for my friend. Later at the shops I spend ages in a shop called Noz and also take a quick look in Foir Fouille. I needed to put 20 euros of diesel in the car too, the dial wizzes so fast that i dont stop in time 20.01 says the dial.

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