Monday, July 21, 2008

Fric and a pea in the garden.

Today because it is Monday Lundi the bread shop in our village is closed and I dont think we have enough. Of course the word for bread is pain.
My friend who is staying needs some dosh or dough so we will need to find a bank or cash dispenser. The French slang word for money is Fric, not to be confused with Flic which is slang for the police!

To save a little money we are growing some vegetables in the garden, I wish I had known how tall the mange tout would grow because they have flopped all over the place. The picture is called a pea in the garden, anyone who lives here for any length of time know that many French men do just that!

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Val Grainger said...

keep going with all the french translations..........wonderful and just what I need.....real French!