Thursday, July 31, 2008


My hair has grown a little longer and I think I prefer it. I am also growing vegetables in the potager, and so I thought I would look up the word grow. I dont think that the French use raised beds, but please correct me if you know otherwise. We made the sides of our raised beds out of the turf, and so they are like grassy banks.

I think a good time to pick your veg is first thing in the morning, the French word is recolte, I prefer it when the bees are not buzzing around me, and its a good time to evict the invading limace(slugs). Here are some of the veg that i have used this year.
We enjoyed the French beans last year and so I have used then again, this year I am trying out the mangetout, and i have been very impressed although for some reason i didnt expect them to grow all over the place,which they have.
Now if you like garden gnomes or Nain then you may like to watch the film Amelie, but even if you are not a garden gnome fan it is the best film ever. Amelie

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