Monday, July 28, 2008

Internet friends and French humour

Is it possible to have Internet friends? Well I think it is possible, I have a friend on Stumble who often sends me links to Internet sites. Sometimes they are musical like this one its great fun. Many thanks to Lovatscout in Inverness for sending me that link, lots of the links he sends to me are very funny. The French use the word drole an awful lot.

I have spent the afternoon with a special friend who I "met" on the Internet on a forum called Brittany Friends, and I noticed before I dashed off earlier that the lovely Woolly Shepherd had made some comments on my blog. In fact I have met the Woolly Shepherd and she knows a thing or two about wool, sheep, and lots of other useful information for people considering smallholding. Woolly also pops onto the forum from time to time when she isnt working or exhausted, or épuisé
Here is a little bit of French humour!

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