Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taratata.and a right load of old rubbish

Today after a drive to the airport and back (Rennes) I have spent some time reading articles on the online Telegraph.....and I do not like the new format. I then discovered that a music programme which I like to watch actually has a very strange name. I had thought that it was a made up name and not a real French word the program is called Taratata. Neither of the following singers is French, but that proves no problem for the presenter of the show who flips from French to English with such ease it makes me very envious. Actually the right load of old rubbish was in the Telegraph newspaper paying £1,500 for a face cream hilarious!


Val Grainger said...

hi blu!!! found your blog and brilliant it is!! I have a knitted mug warmer for you.....will post it th celias!

Blu said...

Hey thats nice that Woolly had time to comment on my new Blog. She is a busy lady and has knitted me a mug warmer, it can get a bit parky in these old stone houses in winter! brrrr