Monday, August 18, 2008

Another lazy Sunday

Didn't do a great deal, a walk in the forest on the track nearest to our home. Sunday is always the day in the forest when the joggers and veloists get out for some exercise. Very occasionally there are horse riders although they tend not to use this side of the forest very much. Most people will say bonjour that is normal around here. The last time we saw any horse riders was months back when the trees had no leaves, it all looks very different now.

In the afternoon I do some weeding in the garden and spend time on the pc reading various blogs and have a look around the Brittany Friends forum. One of the forum members has a live web cam and I can see their Jack Russel dogs running in and out of their home. Later I prepare the evening meal, well actually all I do is boil some potatoes for a raclette. It proves to be a success and I think will be fun in the winter its like having a heater on the table!

One of the blogs I am starting to follow is The Woolly Shepherd's after reading it the other day I realised I didnt actually know what the word permaculture means!

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