Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday 18th

I have a problem when the weather is unexpectedly gloomy. I get glum. I find the dark days in the winter can get me down too, but perhaps we are all the same? Anyway today I spent the day sorting through paperwork, and a couple of cupboards upstairs. Sadly that made me feel better. I think that I can use the word arrangement for arranging paperwork.

I fired up a very old laptop and loaded "Talk to me" software, how sad is that? No I was trying to see if my French had improved! I was playing the role of Frank and had to shout my French at the PC several times before I could be heard or understood! Just like real life haaa.

I hope that the weather will be good at the weekend for the Fete de fleurs, it only happens in our village every 10 years!

Here is a picture of musicians at last years Fete in the nearby town.

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