Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Preparing for winter

This week its bedroom tidy week. What am I doing indoors...yeah well it is like autumn outside. The cupboards look tidy but they are a bit like my desk at school it always looked tidy, but underneath was chaos! Bit like my head too! Tidy up time needs to be now because in the winter you need two overcoats to spend much time sorting out upstairs!. Now I just looked up the French word for overcoat and it gave me a word that i have never heard before! I think the word manteau is more common!

I looked at the summer clothes that I haven't worn much, and organised my fleeces for the oncoming cold weather!!. Even the publicity in the post box is full of back to school so it feels like summer is nearly finished, and yet I hadn't noticed summer arrive.

Outside it has been raining again for the umpteenth time this afternoon. This morning however we were lucky to get a walk in the forest with not a drop of rain.

A lot of my photographs in the forest have a nice blue green tinge and that is due to the numerous holly trees around putting that colour into the background.


Traveller said...

This is a classy blog.Loads of links.Also like the slideshow too. Great achievement!!

Blu said...

why thank you Traveller.