Friday, August 8, 2008

Missing people and paper flowers

Thursday afternoon was a visit to the shops to replenish the food and wine stocks. Thursday is a quiet time to go shopping because it is not market day. However remember that lots of our shops are closed until after lunch, so we have to make a plan and leave home just before 14.00hrs. The roads are quiet too. I have noticed that many of the houses are locked up because the owners are away. Shutters are closed and our village has been very quiet. Less lorries on the roads too.
So I guess that they are all on vacance? or is it congé?........anyway like I said its quiet and the shutters are down.
The village will liven up soon since we are to have the Feté de Fleurs it only happens every TEN years! Some people who have a holiday home here were horrified to hear that the flowers arnt real either...are they kidding!..they have been sticking paper flowers on the floats for months now.
The roses in the picture are real and flowered in my garden this year, pretty eh.

So if you have a Fete in the summer it has to be a festival!...estival

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