Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We are going shopping in the afternoon, but in the morning a walk in the woods keeps our dog happy. It isn't unusual to see people in the forest collecting mushrooms, and I believe that you can get them checked at the Pharmacy. A small punnet of mushrooms in the shops costs 2euros but all the same I wouldn't risk picking any of the strange ones that we saw today.

The colours are changing and you can see further through the trees than a few weeks ago. On Monday the chasse started and so the forest is forbidden two days per week, well unless you want to be shot! In a few weeks time when they start hunting in the fields you will also come across the sign Chasse Interdit.....not everyone welcomes the hunters.

Funny thing was I realised when I was home from shopping that I hadn't got any mushrooms.................there wasn't any mushrooms in the supermarket!!

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