Tuesday, September 2, 2008

English Connections

Today it rained a lot and so I have spent time cooking and now I am watching television. With a digi box you can receive a lot more channels and the channel we are watching tonight is NRJ 12. We are watching Life on Mars. Understanding the dialogue is normally helped by reading the dialogue on the screen (in French) with the soutitrage. Unfortunately with channels that are not "mainstream" but are picked up via a digi box subtitles are not available.!

So I am watching English tv albeit in French. Oh what did I cook for dinner tonight? A curry which was all homemade since the French dont really care for hot spicey Onion Bhajis and food like that.
Here is a link to the BBC Life on Mars.


Kate said...

What a good way to spend a day. Rain outside and good food inside, plus entertainment. I hope the spitted pig the other day wasn't named Wilbur.

Blu said...

never name a pig, unless you call it Pork Chop