Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today it rained, mud stuck to the soles of my shoes when I closed the gates. But although the sky is grey there are marvelous colours all around. I always find it odd that the dying leaves give us so much joy.
But after the colour of autumn there is another beauty to look forward to. The maize is harvested and our fields return, the leaves fall and views are revealed.
Here are a few colourful pictures.

These bee hives in the forest have been hidden behind the bracken and soon will be back in view.

These trees in our village have been hidden for several months, and further views beyond.




bindu said...

This forest near your home sounds absolutely enchanting! Great photos, especially the last one. I've thought about that too - dying leaves looking so pretty ...

Blu said...

Yes it is wonderful to be able to walk in the forest. And also to have the large town with the old castle about a 15 minute drive away. We are not isolated and the land is all worked here including the forest.