Saturday, October 18, 2008

The flower that sounds like a frog.

A special friend has had to hurriedly go back to her roots. The French word for roots is racine. Rushing back home when a loved one is ill is something that we all have to face at some point. We have to catch a plane or take a ferry along with all the holiday makers returning back to the UK after a holiday in France.

Something that you might say to a friend or loved one is Tu me manques... I miss you. strange language.. You me miss?

So special thoughts for a special person.x

Here are some flowers for my friend. They always make me smile when they brave the elements in springtime.

Can you hear this flower it sounds like a frog.

Her youngest once asked what the flower shown above is called.

Of course its a crocus.

He then asked "how do you make it croak"!!!

He does come out with some classics.

Here he is with his sister, he has a chicken under his arm.

With a chicken under his arm one day he asked if he could have it for tea.

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bindu said...

Nice pictures and pretty croaking flower! Hope your friend's loved one gets better.