Monday, October 6, 2008


It is incredible what you can find when searching the Internet. The word bonheur which means goodtime and or happiness also is a name of a French artist look what I found here.

Happiness is a daily struggle for many in the world so the rest of us should try and find some joy in the simple things that we see in our daily lives.

The weather has closed in at the moment and so even the simple things like a walk in the forest are not always possible. Sunshine always makes us happy and having milestones to look forward to helps too. This week my diary is empty but I am looking forward to my new French class. Last week our teacher gave us some handouts about Fougeres which has some lovely places to see.

Here is a great link which tells you a little bit about this lovely town Fougeres


bindu said...

Your photos are so beautiful! Looking forward to reading more of your blog soon ...

Blu said...

Thank you for your comment