Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tombe la pluie

In Brittany you soon need to learn the word for rain Pluie.........after the dog has been racing around the garden we get this brown stuff.........mud. The French word for Mud is boue.

Yes it has rained but I managed to get out and walk. I got a couple of nice shots.

I have spent most of my evening sort of doing my homework and looking up French words that I didn't know.

For example apercoit to catch sight of. I didn't know the word for nasturtiums which is capucines.

Here is the French word for puddle.

Some of my puddle pictures hardly look like puddles by the time that I have finished mucking about with them. The multi coloured picture is unusual. The big lorries which remove the logs in the forest leave diesel. When I edit the photograph the strange effect of the diesel shows in the finished picture.


Kate said...

I love the pictures, even of diesel. Remember the dancing plastic bag in American Beauty? Even innocuous (and noxious) things, seen with the right perspective, have their charms.

bindu said...

That first picture is so beautiful - all the pictures of the woods near your place are lovely. You live in a great place!