Thursday, October 30, 2008

Extra study time

It is snowing out this morning, the sky is grey and it is windy too. Sadly it is not the pretty stuff that sticks. I realise that snow is a Right pain for many people it is an inconvenience in their routine, but I have never grown out of the excitement of looking at a wonderful white world.

Well if it carries on like this all morning I will be staying in and doing some extra study time.
Three white words
blancheur = whiteness
blanchâtre = whitish pallid
blanc = white

Here is a picture that I took earlier this year in our village the church looks prettier in the snow.

So when you need to put some white blankets on the bed think of the snow in France. Actually I use a duvet.

PS. An hour later 9.20 am the snow is thick and is sticking. ha ha.


bindu said...

Beautiful picture. I love the snow too. My spirits lift when I look out and see the whiteness. Unfortunately, in Texas there is no snow. I didn't mind the shoveling, or the cold - can't be angry when everything is white! Please post some more snow pictures!

bindu said...

I just realized that Asterix's village is based in Brittany! I knew the comics were based in France, but I was reading about them online today and found this info. No wonder I like your forest and village pictures! I found some Asterix comics at the library a couple weeks ago, and have been reading them after a long time. :)

Blu said...

Ah so now you have me interested too. I will "DIG out" some more snow scenes soon. take care Blu x

French Fancy said...

Isn't it fascinating how many English words can be traced back to their French origin. Until your blog though I had no idea that blanket was one of them.

The snow has not reached our corner yet.