Tuesday, October 28, 2008

James Bond or Indiana Jones?

Bought myself a book. Just a small one. I really wanted Robinson Crusoe translated into French, but I got Indiana Jones et Le Temple Maudit. I have always had a soft spot for Harrison Ford. I have only read one page and already have dived into my favorite online dictionary several times.

It starts off in 1935 Indy is in his fathers office his father is late and Indy is looking around at the piles of unopened mail, or as we say in England post.
Then I read this..Il se releva d'un bond......Bond not a money bond or James Bond? No it means to leap to ones feet or bounce do you know I have never heard or seen this word used so I will be watching out for it.
Watch this clip for some great shoulder pads, Carly Simon is singing Let the River Run from a film I enjoyed, which starred Meg Ryan and Harrison Ford. The film was called Working Girl.


bindu said...

I think I'll learn enough french if I just remember all the things you post! :)

Blu said...

I hope you are taking notes hee hee.