Saturday, October 25, 2008


Fougeres marvelous castle is situated in a rather odd position because it is not sitting high above the town but in fact down below the town with the river Nancon flowing through. Here is a view looking down from the Jardin Public. In this area of the town there are some very attractive timbered buildings or Colombage.

Nancon River in the park at Fougeres.

I seem to have rivers on the brain at the moment, I blame the poem I now have to learn about the river Seine.

Just down the road from where I live is a house which was once a mill, the water runs really fast and I like to stop and take some pictures there.

Everyone is downsizing these days so lets finish with a flaque (puddle)


bindu said...

Great picture! The rocks on the sides look like profiles of bearded people - are they meant to look that way? Very symmetric. Your puddle pictures are always interesting! There's a little creek right behind where we live. It has lots of water in the spring but almost dries up in the summer.

Blu said...

The rocks are actually a balustrade and I ducked down to take the photograph between them. I thought that they looked like old men two.

French Fancy said...

Lovely - and I've learnt the word for puddle!